Magicians & Mentalists

Magicians are the most honest people in the world; they tell you they're gonna fool you, and then they do it.

Family-friendly comedy, mystifying mentalism, illusions, spellbound world-class magic that you’ve never seen before.
Take a look at Big Talks Top Class Magicians & Mentalists.

Magicians & Mentalists

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Bryan Mills

Bryan can seemingly influence and predict human behaviours. By using his skillset of magic, suggestion and psychology – he is able to theatrically manipulate your perception of the world.

Gilan Gork

The show is truly something special if you’re looking to kick it up a notch when it comes to entertainment! In addition to his show, Gilan also offers an extraordinary twist as the role of MC, incorporating highlights from his show throughout the event to keep guests engaged while effortlessly guiding them through the programme.

Ilan Smith

His illusions and world class material are jaw dropping, gobsmacking and totally kosher! Ilan has entertained audiences of 500 to 1500 live, spread the magic over radio waves wowing listeners, and had thousands of fans glued to their T.V screens as he correctly predicted the outcome of the FIFA World Cup Soccer live. Welcome to Ilan’s world of dreams – where anything is possible.

Larry Soffer

There's this guy you might know. His name is Larry Soffer and he's performed for Beyoncé. He's made the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria disappear and he counts Prince Harry as one of his biggest fans. Larry can twist spoons through telephones and make things levitate. But one of the first thing he tells me when we sit down for a chat is that he is not a magician but a mentalist. And, no, what he does is not witchcraft.

Mawonga Magician

Mawonga Gayiya well known as Wonga Magic. Mystifying comedy magician & MC.

Mo Magic

MO Magic will leave you spellbound by his combination of world-class magic, mystifying mentalism, and family-friendly comedy. Mo Magic, affable and charming, will keep you entertained as he takes you on a journey of joy and delight.

Stuart Lightbody

Stuart Lightbody performs magic as you’ve never seen it before, engineering entertaining experiences of the impossible using a unique combination of skilful sleight of hand and sneaky psychology.

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