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Create the ultimate statement at your launch, company function or special celebration.
The way of the future is mapped out with our DIGITAL 3D AV PRESENTATIONS literally in your lap!

Digital POI & UV Dance
Digital 3D AV & Mapping Presentations

3D mapping screen with dancers

LED Dance Performance with Visual LED Poi

Pioneering LED suits allow our Tron dancers to program their costumes to flash in time to music in a range of patterns and colours. The result is a high-impact visual feast that can achieve a slick spectacle of moving shapes and illusions. Why not use your brand colours to tailor LED dancers to your corporate event?

Led POI with company branding

With a massive collection of breath-taking patterns, designs and fractals we can program the props to compliment any theme. We can even include custom images of your choosing: Logos, Products, Slogans and even full head shots of people. Your Imagination is the limit.

To secure your booking of any of these South African Digital LED/POI Artists for hire at Big Talk Entertainment
Call 083 231 9819 - 082 891 6345

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